Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Without a doubt, Jamaica’s Anthony B is one of the biggest reggae stars on the planet, and Irievibrations from Vienna, Austria releases the newest masterpiece from the well-respected Singjay called Freedom Fighter. The beginnings of Anthony B, born Keith Anthony Blair, started in the church choir of Clarks Town, a small parish on the north coast of Jamaica. Affected and driven by musical role models like Otis Redding and Peter Tosh, the 16 year-old Keith left his hometown in 1992 to work on his singing career in Kingston, Jamaica. Arriving in the capital, he was soon discovered by the producer Richard “Bell” Bello of Star Trail Records, under whose direction Anthony B’s first hits like “Fire Pon Rome,” “Rumour” and “Raid Di Barn” were born. Seventeen albums, hundreds of hits and countless sold-out live shows around the globe are the proof that Anthony B is one of the leading performers in reggae music and beyond its boundaries. He has also collaborated with international stars such as Akon, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly. Freedom Fighter features a wide thematic range, backed by powerful, live-recorded riddims. Anthony B remembers his roots, doesn’t follow any hype, and sticks to pure roots reggae music. However, there are also other highlights on the album, which show his openness to different styles such as R’n’B and dancehall. Freedom Fighter certainly more than measures up to his previous classics such as Universal Struggle (1997) or Street Knowledge (2003).


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Pure Reggae

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